Services available

We have agreed with Nottingham City/ County PCT to provide NHS services for all patients, depending on availability.

At our Dental Practice, we will provide all your treatment on the NHS unless it is not permitted. If a treatment is not permitted on the NHS the dentist will tell you. This could be a white filling on a molar (backtooth) or a white crown on a back molar. You can choose to have the NHS option i.e. a metal filling or a metal crown or you can choose the white filling or white crown on your back tooth which would be done privately. Your dentist will arrange to give you a price, in writing, when you return to reception.


If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment, there will be three standard charges.

The amount you pay will depend on the treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

You will pay one of the three charges below:

Band 1 £25.80

This charge will include an examination, diagnosis and preventive care. If necessary, this will include X-rays, scale and polish, and planning for further treatment.


Band 2 £70.70

This charge includes all necessary treatment covered by the Band 1 charge PLUS additional treatment such as fillings, root canal treatment or extractions.


Band 3 £306.80

This charge includes all necessary treatment covered by the Bands 1 and 2 charges PLUS more complex procedures such as crowns, dentures or bridges.


Repairs to dentures are free of charge.

You will continue to receive free services from your NHS dentist if:

When the treatment starts you are:

  • aged under 18
  • aged 18 and in full-time education
  • pregnant, or have had a baby, in the 12 months before treatment starts
  • an NHS inpatient and the treatment is carried out by the hospital dentist
  • an NHS Hospital Dental Service outpatient*
  • a Community Dental Service patient*

Or, when the treatment starts or when the charge is made:

  • you are getting, or your partner gets Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Pension guarantee Credit, Universal credit - but only if your earnings in your last assessment were £435 or less or £935 or less if you get an element for a child or have limited capability for work.
  • you are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate
  • you are named on a valid HC2 certificate or HC2W certificate
  • included in an award of :
  • child tax credit
  • working tax credit including disability element
  • child tax credit and working tax credit paid together and your annual family income used to work your tax credits is £15,276 or less

If you are named on a valid HC3 certificate, you may be eligible for partial help with dental costs.

If you meet these conditions you should be sent an NHS tax exemption certificate.

Your dentist will ask for evidence that you are entitled to free NHS dental treatment.

Please note NOT ALL BENEFITS entitle you to free NHS dental treatment - It is your responsibility to check if you are entitled to free NHS dental treatment



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Just a quick email to let you know we are open , safe and here for you should you need us in an emergency . We are also open to provide routeen check ups and dental work .

We are writing to reassure you that in line with the latest Government rules, Church View and Derby Road Dental Practice is open.

We would like to say how grateful we are for the many messages of support our team has received praising our hard work in ensuring our patients are as safe as possible in our care.

As well as the usual stringent safety measures that we have always had in place, you can rest assured that our dental practice is also Covid-safe. If you already have an appointment booked, it will go ahead as normal.

If you have a dental emergency, it is vital that you get in touch with us in the usual way. Please call us on 01773 762786 Church View Dental practice and for Derby Road Dental practice 01159 475231

Our extra safety measures include:

• Covid-19 pre-screening before your appointment

• Reduced number of patients in waiting areas

• Strict hand hygiene for all team and patients

• High level PPE for all of our team

• Additional cleaning and disinfecting between every patient appointment

Please contact us if you have any concerns. We look forward to seeing you soon!